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Image Skincare

AGELESS total repair crème (2 oz )

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Effectually, it delivers nourishing vitamins and essential minerals to skin cells allowing them to grow and make your skin younger and healthier. The cream uses a patented time-release formula that works at night. Diligently repairing and resurfacing the skin leading to a fairer, tighter, and well-toned skin surface. If you have used other anti-aging treatments with little success, Image Skin Care Ageless Total Repair Creme will give your skin a new lease of life. Unlike other skin treatments, Image Skincare is designed to effectually relieve and sooth all irritating skins while erasing ugly lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen synthesis by cells. That's not all. The creme works to promote cell production as well. Each application removes dead skin cells revealing the beauty and splendor of your skin in all its glory. Consequently, the creme removes dark spots and blemishes bringing out a youthful radiance and glowing complexion. You will feel great waking up with a rejuvenated, healthy, and bright skin.
Glycolic acid and retinol - promotes collagen production Soybean Oil - promotes collagen synthesis Hyaluronic acid - moisturizes the skin Shea butter - locks moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated Vitamins A and E - protects the skin from oxidants Licorice extract - lighten and increases skin lumination for brighter complexion