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5 Simple At-Home Routines That Make A Huge Impact On Your Skin's Health

Spring is the official kick-off to blossoming beginnings, clean slates, and rejuvenation, so naturally we felt inspired to share how you can reset your skin with easy DIY tips and fully recover from Winter's wrath. 


1. Exfoliate your dry winter skin 

We love a fresh surface so we can get down to the nitty-gritty and do some deep spring cleaning! We are going to spare you the elbow-grease because you don't have to scrub your face to death to shed dry winter layers. There are some ground-breaking exfoliants out there like Skin Better's patented, retinoid, triple-acid formulation, AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads that leave skin feeling smooth and bright by removing dead skin, helping to prevent clogged pores.  Not only that, these pads help improve the appearance of skin imperfections, fine lines, large pores and rough patches due to its medical-grade science behind it and amazing ingredients like glycolic, lactic, salicylic and hyaluronic acids .... and you know how we feel about our hyaluronic acid, aka the "holy-grail".


 2. Once weekly mini facial treatments

Masks are seriously the best invention ever when it comes to at-home skin maintenance, especially because they are so conducive to multi-tasking, leaving you free to clean out your closet while treating your skin. BUT, not all masks are created equal and unfortunately there are a lot of "gimmicky" masks out there on the market.  Make sure your mask's ingredients actually have "active" benefits before letting anything absorb into your skin for lengthy periods of time. We absolutely love PCA's Detoxifying Mask , packed with unique, super-beneficial ingredients like:

  • Japanese White Charcoal - works to absorb oil and impurities from the skin
  • Kaolin - a type of clay that absorbs oil and impurities to help clear pores
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate - a naturally occurring clay-derived mineral that supports skin clearing
  • Bisabolol - a component of chamomile that provides potent calming



3. Stay hydrated 

Drink lots of water. Simple enough, right? Yes but this is an important one, maybe the most important step on this list. Basically when the body is dehydrated, it sets aside and saves any available water for vital organs, (apparently the body isn't as die-hard-skin lovers as we are) thus making skin one of the first things to stop receiving water. Yikes! When dehydrated, skin appears dry, dull and can even have a sunken in look to it... basically you don't look as fresh and vibrant as we know you are! So when the body is quenched, skin looks and feels supple, has a glow and looks bright! 

We will wait 5 minutes while you get up and get a glass of water now.

4. Sunscreen, even during Spring showers 

The rays are out, so don’t let your guard down when the Mother Nature is having a good cry. If adding one more thing to your morning regimen sends you over the edge, the easiest way to incorporate sunscreen daily is to find a moisturizer or foundation with SPF in it. Dual purpose products are a modern women’s bestie! Now if adding an extra layer to your face sounds pore clogging, you have 2 fabulous options:

  • 2. Try a powder based formula. Yes, we said powder - its AMAZING! The Color Science Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-on Shield SPF 50 (coming soon) with its built-in, on-the-go applicator brush, and matte finish; just toss this convenient must-have in your bag and apply when needed in seconds.

5. Keep your makeup sponges & brushes clean

Bacteria is one of those sneaky, invisible culprits that can negatively impact your skin’s health. It can lead to breakouts, irritated skin, uneven makeup application and infections. Out of sight, out of mind right? No way! It's imperative to get on a routine of washing your makeup brushes and sponges since there are no visible signs to indicate when a good cleaning is due (example: every other Monday night). Depending on how often you use your makeup applicators, every 1-2 weeks is a good rule-of-thumb or when your brushes and sponges are no longer soft due to makeup buildup

{ Tip: Apply a face mask while giving your brushes a good scrub. Multi-tasking is what we do best and it gets your face-masking on track too}

So no that we have committed to a schedule, you might be wondering whats the best way to wash? We get this question quite often, and quite simply, use the same cleanser you use to wash your face with hot water. If you only have one last drop of your precious cleanser left and you just can't spare it, you can always use a gentle, anti-bacterial soap.

 This list is pretty simple right? By implementing these 5 easy acts in your routine, you are lovingly treating your skin with the regular attention and care it deserves. Trust us, your Aesthetician will be very proud. (wink wink)


Author: Kim Brooks

Main Image: Senivpetro / Freepik,

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