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EyeMax AlphaRet Overnight Cream

Sale price$125.00
Introducing EyeMax AlphaRet® Overnight Cream! A rich, silky overnight eye cream, featuring the tolerable power of AlphaRet Technology, designed to deeply hydrate, revitalize and smooth the appearance of the skin around the eye area.*. Perfect for mature patients and patients who will benefit from a retinoid eye cream.


Dryness, crepiness, puffiness, lines and wrinkles and darkness in the skin around the eyes.


+ AlphaRet Technology, a patented combination of a retinoid and an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in an optimized formulation to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area.
+ Hydrating complex provides rich, luxurious moisture to support the barrier of the delicate skin around the eye.
+ Antioxidants provide defense against environmental stressors.
EyeMax AlphaRet Overnight Cream
EyeMax AlphaRet Overnight Cream Sale price$125.00