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Image Skincare

BODY SPA face and body bronzer 4 oz (113.4 g)

Image Skincare Body Spa Face and Body Bronzer Crème comes in a four-ounce container. This bronzing crème is ideal for use on both the body and the face, so you don’t need to purchase multiple bronzing products. The bronzer is perfectly suitable for all skin types, from dry to normal to oily. The crème delivers intense moisture as well as a perfect bronzing effect. It’s made from a soothing formula that calms the skin and promotes hydration. Unlike many other sunless tanning products, this bronzing crème never gives the skin an orange or otherwise unnatural appearance. It is smooth on the surface of your skin, so you don’t need to worry about streaks and blotches.
This bronzer contains an assortment of ingredients that are good for your skin. Aloe extract provides intense moisture that will hydrate your skin continuously. Aqualance is a skin moisturizing agent that combats moisture loss. Vitamin E offers powerful antioxidant protection from the free radicals that cause skin damage. Erythrulose gives your skin a beautiful tan shade that looks healthy and natural.